Beach Read Of The Day: Anisha Lakhani Gets "Schooled"

by GofG Public · August 8, 2008

    schooled, Anisha LakhaniFrom our inbox: Society darling and former Dalton teacher, Anisha Lakhani, just published a very good book titled "Schooled". It's an interesting read - perfect for the beach. It's fun, witty, definitely interesting and written in a language that makes the book an easy read - but don't mistaken, the book isn't elementary by any means. It actually has a lot of substance and a few underlying messages for those smart enough to pick up.

    What's mind boggling is that I've read reviews on this book by critics who either haven't finish reading the book in its entity or just decided to take it apart and tried to figure out who the real life equivalent are to each character. Granted, everyone is entitled to their opinion but let's not take things apart. This is a fictional book that is a fun read for everyone.