Combination Skin: Top NYC Facialist Jordana Mattioli Shares Her Affordable Product Picks

In a beauty dreamworld, you'd never have to sort through skin-care products ever again! Everything would be clear—what products are terrific for your skin, and what products to throw away. You'd never buy a face wash only to hate it days later when it irritates your skin. You'd have a top facialist give you a customized list of the best products to use for your skin type, you'd buy them in an afternoon, and then call it a night! Set for the year! And since we think like you, we asked top NYC facialist, Jordana Mattioli, if she could please share her top product picks for every skin type, starting with combo skin. Click through to learn more about her, and her high-end and drugstore picks. She's given us a complete list including eye creams and lighteners. So start writing down your shopping list.

[Photos via @clarisonic, @elixir.elwood]