Oily Skin: Top NYC Facialist Jordana Mattioli Shares Her Affordable Product Picks

So many products out there for oily skin—mattifying, oil-control, shine-stopping. So what skincare regimen should you be on to really clean and control that annoying oil crisis that is your face? Top NYC facialist Jordana Mattioli is here with her product picks for you. Cleansers that are super effective—yes, we've tried them! Targeted day products to brighten your skin tone. And oil-free night products that are ultra-light. Whether you're on a drugstore budget or a high-end one, she's got the best of what you need. No slickly marketed products that don't work here! And make sure to have powder-free blotting papers on hand to soak up midday and mid-party oil as you travel from here to there. You're going to really shine after this.

[Photos via @gigihudid, @clinique]