Find The Right Nail Color For Your Zodiac Sign

Shout out to all the Zodiac lovers…this one’s for you. We’re big on personality around here and we feel your style should represent exactly who you are. With that said, nail game is just as important as the shoes you wear these days, so how can you show who you are on the inside with a little polish? By having the perfect color, that’s how.

So we decided, what better way to show your personality than to match your nail color to your zodiac sign? I mean, let’s be serious, how much easier would it be to know if you were compatible with someone by simply looking at their nails? (Just kidding…maybe. It obviously shouldn’t be based on something so simple and silly, but we all probably wish it could be.) So, what would your color be in a world so reasonable and easy? Let’s find out.

Words by Renee Goodman of Taste the Style

[Photo via @sally_hansen]