Makeup trends come fast these days, especially on the internet. We've seen bronzing, matte/liquid/glittery lipstick, strobing, and even glitter tears. Oh and don't even get us started on contouring (from clown-inspired to contouring of the legs. Really?). Every time we think we've seen it all something new comes along that starts up the frenzy all over again. 

Well pucker up makeup lovers, for those who haven't heard there's a new viral trend in town and it just might lead to a bucket full of gold for its mastermind, Jenna of BitterLaceBeauty. Using Etsy as its marketplace, this homemade makeup brand created the Prism Highlighter which contains the colors of the rainbow. You can finally look like the mystical creature you were always meant to be.

With its unexpected surge in popularity, this highlighter may just be the next Kylie's Lip Kit, so get your hands on it while you can.

[Photo via @gigihadid]