The Wei: Fashion Alert! Are Olympic Gymnasts Bringing Back Scrunchies Fad?

by STEPHANIE WEI · August 15, 2008

    gymnastscrunchy-fest ‘08gymnastscrunchy-fest ‘08gymnastscrunchy-fest ‘08

    Has anyone else noticed the overwhelming presence of scrunchies in the Olympics women’s gymnastics competition?? I was watching the individual finals last night and all the gymnasts were wearing scrunchies! Well, with the exception of Shawn-John, who apparently missed the memo.

    I hadn’t seen that many scrunchies since circa ’88.

    Most of the gymnasts were toddlers during the Sex & the City glory days and missed out watching every episode at least 3 times like most of us.  I’d love to hear what Carrie Bradshaw would have to say about Olympic gymnastscrunchy-fest ‘08.

    I know you all remember the episode when Carrie’s principal critique of her bf-at-the-moment’s novel was that the female protagonist wore a (OMFG!!!) scrunchy. Point being, no woman in her right mind would be caught dead wearing a scrunchy in these modern times.

    It wasn’t just the Americans sporting these hot hair accessories – the Chinese, the Russians, the Romanians, the Germans, the Japanese, etc. Maybe it’s just a gymnastics thing? But then why wasn’t Shawn-John wearing one? I was disappointed by her choice of boring hair ties and some sort of ribbon. Ribbons are for golfers and equestrians. Duh. Get with it, Shawn-John.

    So, does this mean it’s ok to wear scrunchies again?! I secretly hope it does.