"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Ashton Kutcher, Star Wars, And SXSWi

by Chiara Atik · March 17, 2010

    SXSWi is totally paradise for tech geeks. After all, what goes better with booze than Star Wars? Even Ashton Kutcher, Patron God of Social Media Initiatives, joined in on the fun.-[

    [SXSWi The 2010 Official Party Guide]

    Ashton Kutcher, lover of Twitter and Chatroulette, and chronic over-sharer stopped by the foursquare party at Cedar Street Courtyard, where is presence was immediately tweeted and tumbl'd by the excited crowd. Did you know that if Kutcher blesses your start-up, it's destined for greatness? Pretty soon tech geeks are gonna start making pilgrimages to his house in Idaho.

    The good people at Gawker media really know how to please their audience. They hired actors to dress up like Star Wars characters and even had staged light saber fights. The attendees look as if they've died and gone to heaven. The Tumblr party didn't have actors, but that's ok; guests brought their own Light Sabers to the event. The Blip.tv party Digital Speakeasy was relatively more subdued, but revelers were no doubt exhausted from defending the empire...

    Four Square

    [via SoupSoup]

    Blip TV

    Gawker Media Party

    Tumblr Party

    [All photos via Nick McGlynn]