"Best 2K I Ever Spent" Frat-Inspired Performance Art In London

by Sun Kersor · January 18, 2011

    Artist Edward Fornieles sought to tap the craziness of an American C-O-L-L-E-G-E party as fuel for  art; the piece, aptly called Animal House, brought 120 people, assigned character descriptions and revelry tasks through Facebook, to London Fields to enact the fiesta. Cue the debauchery.


    Here, our "tattooed coeds," "strip" to their "skivvies" and "shot-gun" "beer." The overuse of quotation marks serves naturally to intimate the presence of artistic depth within the performance piece.

    According to Dazed Digital, the users were given actions to perform sourced from college blogs and performed their scenes on five sets that included a bed and house with a porch.

    Thaaangs got a little bit more delectable come later in the evening when the shaving cream came out.

    As Fornieles described in his fascination with America:

    "I think the Atlantic ocean does a wonderful thing, it simplifies America, it reduces it and makes it all the more clear. America since the 1930s might be multiracial but it certainly isn't multicultural in terms of the mainstream. Imagine an American suburban house, you know exactly that house, you know what it's made out of, you know about the porch, you can probably guess at the rooms in it. Although we're English, we know it so well; it's like a universal language to a certain degree."

    Hm. Deep, if shoddy, analysis.

    Naturally, though, people gargled/spouted fountains of joy to recapture those undergrad days.

    As well as piled it on.

    [Images via Dazed Digital]