"Best $2K I Ever Spent!" Le Baron Paris Fashion Week Party

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · March 9, 2010

    Lindsay LohanParis Fashion Week's in full swing right now, which means the best Parisian nightclub, Le Baron, is too. There was a rumor we were going to get our own Le Baron, and it looks like we probably will. But until we do, we'll keep pouring over these (two sets of!) pictures of Lindsay Lohan, Erin Wasson and Paul Sevigny at the Parisian Le Baron.

    In the first set, we've got models. Models, models, models. Erin Wasson, Daria Werbowy, and Lindsay Lohan (not necessarily a model, but whatever, we won't get into it) all screaming in delight! Maybe they just found out they won't have to travel all the way to Paris to hang out at Le Baron? We're certainly excited about that, so it's understandable they would be, too. [Photos via Nylon and Cobrasnake]


    erin wasson

    Erin was so happy after she finished screaming, she did a jig. We're right there with her. And Lindsay Lohan was so ecstatic she got to attend a fashion week again that she put on a bonnet!

    erin wassonlindsay lohan

    In the second set of photos, we've got smoking indoors (because it's Europe) and severed hand candles (also because it's Europe).

    Also, kissing! Kissing drinks, kissing friends, but no kissing of the severed hand candle.

    Ah, the comforts of one's bosom. A greeting almost as popular as the "double kiss" in Paris.

    And, ohmygosh, children! We know there are children in Paris, but we didn't know Paris children went to Le Baron. And were asked to speak in microphones! And look, he's gesticulating to emphasize his point! New York NEEDS a Le Baron, STAT.

    And finally, clusters of women Sean Kingston lives for.

    So which set of photos of this one party are better? We haven't got a clue. We just need a Le Baron. That much we do know.