"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" Our Forefathers Would Be Proud Of This July 4 Blowout

by SUSANNAH LONG · July 6, 2010

    Ben Lerer's Hamptons Independence Day bash this year was just as epic as last year's party. The pretty girls, handsome boys, and patriotic ice luge would doubtless make our founding fathers jump for joy.

    Benjamin Franklin: "Ye olde crappe, why didn't I invent the dj soundboard?"

    Alexander Hamilton was kind of a baller, right? He'd get in the middle of this.

    All the founding fathers: "What marvilouf bofoomef!" (You know, because they couldn't spell and they used f's for s's sometimes? Go to Colonial Williamsburg. They'll fill you in.)

    When Europeans first landed on the coast of the New World, they were greeted by the native inhabitants, who immediately showed them how to play beer pong.

    James Madison says, ""Dance breaks are what I fought for, and dance breaks are what ye shall have, ye free peoples!"

    The Puritans actually brought more beer than water on the Mayflower. Thumbs up, Puritans.

    There were more party guests than there were residents of Philadelphia in 1776.

    George Washington's main goal was securing more hugs for his fledgling nation.

    George Washington was a dog breeder. Google it. It's totes true.

    With liberty and vodka luges for all!

    [All photos by Nicky McGlynn for RandomNightOut]