Adrien Field Shares The Secret To Fitting Into Size '0' Jeans With TMI Weekly Girls

by Rachelle Hruska · April 10, 2009

    OMFG look who made it on TMI Weekly! Adrien Field, Mary Rambin's new gay boyfriend!  You knew it was only a matter of time right? Okay, maybe you didn't.  For those of you that are lost here's the gist:

    Julia Allison is in love with cameras. Also, shes in love with her girlfriends (girl!). So, she started TMI weekly (get it: "Too Much Information") with her very bffs Meghan Asha (the "tech" part to the trio), and Mary Rambin (the "fashion expert").  Except, as all trainwrecks soap operas tend to do, things got complicated. See there's this site that documents their really interesting daily lives called NonSociety. They take their readers for a ride on their various juice fasts, colon cleanses, and bad dates. And, then they'll throw big parties, always with cupcakes, and ...oh god, never mind.  Go see for yourself. In the meantime. Adrien, you look tres little in between these three, which we know you love to hear! You are, of course making us all hate you in those size '0' pants.

    [Adrien And Mary Sitting In A Tree]