Gawker's Abuse Of The Exclamation Point!

by Stanely Stuyvesant · May 8, 2008

    GawkerHave you noticed how many times writer's at Gawker use exclamation points?! No?! Well, Nick Denton needs to really reign those guys in! On Sunday I counted 33 on the frontpage! Today it is a little better with 20! Nevertheless, it is starting to read like UsWeekly or Teen People!

    I suppose the writers are trying to be clever, but clever it's not! It becomes incredibly predictable when for the thousandth time you read a normal sentence and the writer has slapped a "!" on the end of it!

    Some examples of this "abuse" today if you will:

    Well now there's a scandal about it!

    So it looks like the market is right for handbooks right now!

    Forks for everyone!

    TV Guide, one of America's biggest magazines, was sold a few days ago. Now it's for sale again!

    By doing things like reviewing YouTube videos!

    There are Bedbugs In The Subway! Panic!

    I might have to start keeping a log and chart this out. Could be an interesting study on writing techniques, or lack thereof.