Like 10,000 Spoons, But Better

by CLAIRE WILLETT · March 3, 2008


    We would like to interrupt this blogcast with an obsession confession: David Friedman's blog Ironic Sans. If you haven't been, go. Named after a font that doesn't yet exist, Ironic Sans is a visual representation of the New York-based photographer's consciences --a hodgepodge of advertising and product ideas ( aspiring reality tv stars can actually purchase his pre-pixelated clothing line), crazy dictionary entries, lists ranging from the 7 habits of highly effective propagandists (1. Glittering Generalities) to a collection of terrorist logos, and loads of skilled photoshop --Mike Tyson looks absolutely stunning in his glamour mug shot. Waring: this site has major time-suck potential, mais c'est worth it. Plus, we feel our description to be highly inadequate. Just go, if you're still reading. And props to Sarah Boxer for featuring it in her excellent Ultimate Blogs compendium.