New Year's Resolution: Have More Sex.

by guestofaguest · December 21, 2007


    Numerous reports have proven over and over again that sex is healthy for you (yes, even if it's with yourself). This week, the ever conservative FoxNews decided to step outside of their comfort zone a bit with an article titled "Sex Your Way to Better Health: A Dozen Reasons Why You Should Have Sex Tonight." It was some of the best work they've done. This New Year's, why not make a resolution that's good for your health, and one that you might actually KEEP. Sex is good for:

    Weight loss and control: 200 calories in 30 minutes of sex! um hello sign us up for a double session.

    Pain management: what better way to cure your post-holiday blues.

    Stress relief: by increasing your levels of oxytocin NATURALLY, so you can ween off that Paxil in no time.

    Immune booster: because we've been sick one too many times this year

    Sex also helps your heart by lowering cholesterol, will help you look younger by promoting the hormone DHEA, will help regulate your cycle (for women), and loads of other things...including increased self esteem (well, that may depend on the circumstances). Go get 'em tigers.