Nick Denton to become managing editor of Gawker in '08

by guestofaguest · December 17, 2007

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    In an interesting twist regarding the fate of Gawker's managing editor position after the sudden departure of Choire Sicha, it is now being rumored (heavily and with reasonable certainty) that Nick Denton will fill the spot himself.

    Denton founded Gawker as well as Gawker Media LLC, which own and runs 15 weblogs including Valleywag, Jezebel, and Gizmodo.

    Nick Denton

    Denton's move would certainly not be unusual given that he has edited his blogs in the past. In 2006, after firing Nick Douglas from Valleywag, Denton edited the blog until he hired a replacement. And while this news will most likely be greeted cheerfully by Gawker's avid readership, it will no doubt disappoint the many hopefuls who were vying for one of the most coveted spots in the blogosphere. For not only is Gawker blogger royalty, but the new editor was to preside over Gawker's evolution from "snarky" media blog, to traditional news outlet.

    In any event, we wish them much luck in their future endeavors.