Julia Roberts Is The Cannes Rebel We Deserve

by Stephanie Maida · May 13, 2016

    Julia Roberts: actress, Academy Award winner, America's sweetheart, and...total red carpet rebel? You bet. Channeling her famously free spirited roles in seminal films like Pretty Woman and Eat Pray Love, and well, all of her films really, the practically IRL Erin Brockovich pulled a totally daring move Thursday night when she kicked off her shoes midway through her Cannes carpet circuit for Money Monster.

    At a film festival notorious for having somewhat of a "heels only" rule (no really, even flats are scoffed at and FORBIDDEN), this small act of anarchy, this perfectly provocative bit of rebellion was kind of major. Is Julia Roberts, the world's biggest star, actually the khaleesi? The breaker of chains? The feminist foot freer of France? 

    Maybe not, since she did reportedly strap 'em back on before reaching the building, but, Julia Roberts, we see what you did there - and we like it.

    [Photos via Getty]