Um, Why Is Tiffany Trump At Cannes?

by Guest of A Guest · May 20, 2019

    Movie stars and supermodels have landed on the French Riviera for the 72nd Cannes Film Festival. So what the hell is Tiffany Trump doing there?!

    The First Daughter and Georgetown Law student (who, apparently, is never in class?!) was spotted with her billionaire-heir boyfriend Michael Boulos at the five-star Le Majestic Hotel this weekend.

    Unless we missed the fact that she's starring in some weird indie film, we're not really sure what purpose she's there for. What we do know is that we're probably paying a ton of money for her to rub elbows on some yachts. After all, her little spring break trip to Serbia cost taxpayers around $23,000 and we're guessing Cannes might be a bit more pricey.

    Well, hope you're having fun, guys!

    [Photo via @tiffanytrump]