Turns out Tiffany Trump was doing more than just partying with Lindsay Lohan in Mykonos this summer. In a very Mamma Mia! twist, she appears to have picked up a beau in Greece, and apparently, it was more than just a vacation fling.

Page Six has reported that Tiff's new man is Michael Boulos, the young heir to his family's multi-billion business fortune. And while that may sound like a Trump-approved pedigree, Michael actually grew up in Nigeria, which, of course, is in Africa, which, of course, the president once called "a sh*thole country" (though it is indeed a continent, but we digress). Since Tiffany recently brought him to Thanksgiving dinner with her family at Mar-A-Lago, we can't help but wonder just how awkward things got.

In any case, click through for everything you need to know about the new First Boyfriend.

[Photo via Getty/Twitter]