Glamazon-About-Town Keni Silva Shares Her Beauty & Style Secrets

by Stephanie Maida · January 30, 2023

    Whether you recognize Keni Silva from her appearances on the Real Housewives of Orange County or the recent headlines linking her to Bella and Gigi's real estate mogul dad, Mohamed Hadid, one thing's for sure: the glamazon-about-town certainly needs to be on your radar.

    The SoCal socialite and model, who herself dabbles in real estate and investments, has been stepping out on the scene looking as fabulous as ever following a high-profile divorce (which inspired her upcoming book) and recently rang in her 40th birthday glowing with the confidence of an independent woman. Hashtag goals.

    With a vibrant new chapter ahead of her (literally!), Keni caught up with us to chat style, dating, and, of course, her on-point skincare routine.

    You recently celebrated a big birthday (happy belated)! How did you celebrate?
    Thank you so much! My birthday was January 19th, and I spent a low-key day with my kids. The next morning, I headed to Cabo and stayed at the fabulous Rosewood resort. I had the most amazing and relaxing vacation!

    Obviously, we're going to need you to drop the skincare routine:
    My absolute favorite products are always Boscia. Lan Belinky, the co-creator of the brand, is actually a very close friend of mine, and always sends me all the goodies. Aside from Boscia and starting my mornings off with an ice-roll and ending them with a mask, I make sure I get a facial once a month. I’ve also gotten into glutathione shots every other week. They all work wonders!

    You're a step-and-repeat pro. What are some of your style secrets for a big event?
    Depending on the event or style, I typically always go for the wow-factor. From bright colors to fun textures, I like to make a statement. I pick dresses that really fit my body and leave me feeling amazing. Confidence is the most important, and the best accessory anyone can have. After the outfit is chosen, I work on hair and make-up ideas with my glam team. The final touches are accessories and jewelry- and I am red carpet ready.

    How do you wind down after a busy week?
    My weekends can sometimes get busier than my weekdays, but I always find stretching every day for 20 minutes helps calm me down, think, and concentrate. Journaling also helps me wind down, especially after my divorce - which is how I sparked the idea for a book! Writing all my emotions and thoughts down during that period made me realize I should share it all with the world, in hopes of helping other women out there going through the same thing. I also love going to dinner with great company, or even watching a movie!

    What are some of your go-to spots in LA?
    For shopping, I love the Pacific Palisades. They have the best shops like Elise Walker, who happens to be one of my favorites, and such great food options. I also love Beverly Hills, where I get to take a beautiful stroll on Rodeo and stop by any restaurant for a guaranteed good meal. Avra is one of my favorites, and their Mykonos Breeze drink is the best!

    With V-Day around the corner, how would you describe your ultimate date night?
    To be honest, there is no ultimate date night-with the right person it doesn’t matter where you go or what you do. I know we will have a great time and laugh the whole time. That’s all that matters to me. But of course, I would choose something where I dress up and look glamorous, lol.

    Now that you've entered the Bravo-verse, will we be seeing more of you on the Real Housewives?
    You never know… I still live in the OC and a lot of those girls are my friends. Now that I am on the other side of my divorce, anything is possible.

    [Photo by Vlad Larvin/via @kenisilva_]