We're Having A BIKINI Car Wash!

by Joseph Russell · July 2, 2008

    bikini car washAnd you're invited. Go take your luxury vehicles for a long offroading session, and then meet us Saturday morning at the Core Dynamics in Water Mill. If we like your ride; it just may end up on our site. Don't trust us near your pride and joy? We're also in need of able (and bikinied) bodies!

    CD's insanely buff and very motivational Kettlebell maestro, Lorna Kleidman, will be giving demonstrations, there'll be a raffle for free passes to the gym itself (if you haven't been before, it's one of the nicest facilities I've ever worked out in) and you can try our fav Aussie tennis pro Heinz Haas' new vitamin and electrolyte-packed energy drink, SoNu.

    Core Dynamics is located at 58 Deerfield Rd in Water MIll, right off 27 in Water Mill. Look for the signs and lovely sign-holders!

    [The Kettlebell of the Ball: Interview with Lorna Kleidman]