Beyoncé Wants You Drinkin' Watermelon, Just Like Her

by Grace Gill · June 29, 2016

    We all know Beyoncé is the queen of all things music, fashion, women's empowerment and basically everything in life, but her newest endeavor is actually in the juice world. When life handed her lemons, in typical B fashion she surprised us yet again with... drumroll please... watermelon water. Of course, fans are wondering, will there be a lemonade flavor? B's involvement with the new startup beverage company that makes cold-pressed watermelon water came from a connection made by co-founder and creative director Jody Levy who said that "Lemonade is aligned with many of [the] company's core values, especially their commitment to empowerment." 

    The delicious watermelon water has no added sugar or artificial ingredients is made up simply of watermelon and of course, a drop of organic lemon juice. B has said that her investment is an "investment in female leaders, fitness, American farmers and the health of people and our planet." The future of "clean, natural hydration," WTRMLN WTR is "your new sexy workout partner." Let's be honest, we would drink curdled milk if Bey told us to, but this colorful and low-cal drink is actually good for you and can be enjoyed in a handful of ways. A great juice to mix cocktails with, it also doubles as the perfect hangover cure.

    Packing electrolytes and the amino acid L-Citrulline, which reduces muscle soreness and boosts performance, all into one cute easy to sip bottle means that B's new watermelon water is literally perfect (just like her). 

    [Photos via @wtrmlnwtr, @epicseed]