Paper Mag Exposes The Unique Side Of Beauty

by LIZ JENEAULT · April 1, 2010

    Paper Magazine just released their list of the 50 Most beautiful people, and there are a few familiar faces on the roster...


    Paper Mag's 2010 beautiful people list is comprised of individuals such as Adam Lambert, Anna Kendrick and David Karp. Photographed by Dan Monick, each one of the list's 31 photos beautifully expose the individual behind the lens.

    Separate from mainstream Hollywood's typical "hot lists"--this one overlooks the fake tans and lipo-induced body manipulation. The realness of the photographs, for once, is what makes them most captivating.

    Max Winkler's distinct facial features, for instance, look flawless underneath Monick's soft lighting.

    The progressive aspect of Paper Mag's beautiful people list is remarkable. The misrepresentation and illusion within mainstream media has seemed to fall to the wayside here--an incredible feat.

    If only Vanity Fair followed the same sort of direction while composing their Young Hollywood list (Read how we would have composed the list here)!

    Go HERE to check out the entire list of beautiful people.

    Hannah Gaby Odiele, Adam Lambert

    Patrick Heusinger, Wesley Taylor, Ben Walker, Max Winkler