Paris Hilton's New BFF: Snooki

by MIGUELINA NUNEZ · June 9, 2010

    After the two met at the MTV Movie Awards,  Paris Hilton and our beloved Poughkeepsie Princess Snooki have been spotted partying together all over tinsel town. But will this friendship made in tanning salon heaven last or go the way of Paris's relationship with ex best friend Nicole Richie?


    At the awards on Sunday, US Weekly reports that Paris Hilton already loved Snooki (love at first site, perhaps?) and was even kind enough to offer her a bit of advice:

    "I just told her to remain the same sweet girl [she is] and not let anything affect her; be strong and don't pay attention to bad press. People can say mean things about you, but you should know who you are and not pay attention to it."

    Wise words from A-Lister to inevitable A-lister. And since that fateful encounter, Paris and Snooki cannot seem to get enough of each other. Although Paris has yet to accompany the guidette on one of her famous tanning salon appearances, she met up with Snooks at Trousdale:


    @ParisHilton Great to see Snooki and her crew from Jersey Shore Show. Love them! So funny!



    And then Snooki tweeted a photo of her and fellow bitch, Paris, who had been beating the beat up at Katy Perry's MTV Movie Awards After Party at Las Palmas:

    @Sn00ki My bitches! @ParisHilton @amberlancaster @peoplesrep



    And for those of you haters who actually doubt that Snooki and Paris could ever be friends, consider that Paris is actually looking for a best friend, you guys!

    Paris's social troubles have come ahead in her reality show, My New BFF, which has already seen two seasons. Although there is a British and now an Australian version of the show, Paris still cannot seem to find a best friend to swap Juicy Couture track suits with... until now:

    These two bitches were made for each other!!

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