Terry Richardson And Dov Charney Raise Level Of Discourse, Perviness

by SUSANNAH LONG · March 17, 2010

    Blake Lively, Terry Richardson, Leighton MeesterIt's always charming when exploitation king Dov Charney has perv competition. Terry Richardson steps up to the plate.

    [Photo from Rolling Stone]

    Both men have run their mouths about women, sex, and, tacitly, total narcissism. So it's time for a game. Match the quote with the man:

    1. "Maybe it's the psychological thing that I was a shy kid, and now I'm this powerful guy with his boner, dominating all these girls."

    2. "I could pull my penis out right now, and I guarantee you no one would be offended."

    3. "Masturbation in front of women is underrated. It's much easier on the woman. She gets to watch, it's a sensual experience that doesn't involve a man violating a woman."

    4. "I should tone down? So I don't get in trouble? It's fascism. You're asking me to succumb to tyranny."

    5. "I have to get high on sex and being an exhibitionist."

    6. "When I was about eleven years old and my balls had just begun to drop I was vacationing in Haiti with my father. One night, these two eighteen year old model chicks brought me into their hotel room and one was in the shower with these big breasts and I remember having this really erotic experience with them."

    Terry flashes a lot of thumbs up in his Terry's Diary pics. In his "artsy" work, he flashes other things.


    1. Terry [From The Guardian]

    2. Charney [From The Jewish Journal]

    3. Charney [From ClaudineKo.com]

    4. Charney [From Business Week]

    5. Terry [From The Guardian]

    6. Terry [From Index Magazine]

    Of course, the latest news on Terry lately is that his behavior goes beyond Dov's benchmark of masturbating for a Jane magazine reporter. The Gloss has a compulsively readable piece about Terry written by a gal who modeled for him - compulsively readable not only because it's icky, but also because author Jamie Peck has a way with analogies. "The Handjob," she writes, "were we casting a sex act version of The Breakfast Club, would undoubtedly play the part intended for Anthony Michael Hall." And yes, handjobs do come into play.D

    Suffice it so say that Peck's photo shoot with Richardson was superbad, less in the charming-Michael-Cera way, and more in the gross-out-and-borderline-criminal-Jonah-Hill way. Among the weirder details in Peck's account:

    Terry asks her to call him "Uncle Terry."

    Terry declares "I love tampons!" and wants Peck to take her own out so that he can play and "make tea" with it.

    Terry strips off his clothes.

    Terry has "the biggest dick" Peck, then 19, has ever seen.

    Terry asks for a handjob.

    Terry says, "If you make me come, you get an A." (That's a fail, Terry.)

    Terry remains happy and friendly throughout, as do his assistants, who help Peck clean up.

    Peck makes a point of saying that not every model may feel as pressured and exploited as she did,  but her remark that "the cardinal rule of asking a young girl you don’t know to come over to your house and hang out naked [is] don’t be a fucking creep" is universally applicable.

    [Terry's Diary]