The REAL Reason Taylor Swift Started Dating Tom Hiddleston

by Stephanie Maida · June 16, 2016

    Yesterday the internet exploded, as it is wont to do, over photos of Taylor Swift making out with a NEW man, "just weeks after split from DJ Calvin Harris." The. Freakin'. Horror. The paparazzi photos, taken outside of Tay's home in Rhode Island, depict her and very dreamy actor Tom Hiddleston engaging in gasp-worthy affection on some rocks. The little kisses, the arm around the shoulders, the impromptu selfie - it's all too nefarious, too calculating, to be real. Right?

    Let's look at the facts. From Joe of #JoBro fame, to Jake Gyllenhaal, to John Mayer, to her last, longstanding relationship with Calvin Harris, all of T. Swift's romantic ventures have led to headlines, and then, eventually, hit songs. You know, like most musicians. At 26 years old, the tall, leggy, rich, famous blonde has certainly had her fair share of handsome significant others. Ones that run in her own A-list circles. Ones that perhaps relate to her re: the hardships of fame, living life in the spotlight, having your every move analyzed by the media. Now think about the people you've dated: they were friends of friends, had similar social standings, had things in common with you. Weird. It's almost like, that's perfectly normal or something. 

    With every ebb and flow of Swift's love life, there are folks quick to eye-roll and declare, "Here we go again!," "She needs new inspiration for her next album!," or, quite simply, "What a slut!" Or that there might be something of a celebrity-chaser in her. While we love Tom Hiddleston as much as the next Jim Jarmusch fan, there is absolutely no reason to believe that the biggest pop star of our time needs some extra clout from Loki fan-boys. 

    So, the REAL reason Taylor Swift is allowing herself to be romanced by one Hollywood actor (and potential James Bond), Tom Hiddleston? Well, because she fucking wants to. Now let's pay attention to the actually fascinating Tay news: her ridiculous new apartment in the West Village.

    [Photo via Getty]