You HAVE To See Meghan Markle's College Sorority Portrait

by Stephanie Maida · November 28, 2017

    Future Mrs. Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, may have come a long way style-wise, but there's no denying that the would-be royal has always been gorgeous. Just wait until you see her college portrait.

    Before gaining international attention due to her new engagement ring, and even before she snagged a starring role on Suits, Meghan was just a chill California girl attending Northwestern University, majoring in Communications and rushing Kappa Kappa Gamma. Though, of course, she was a self-proclaimed "theater nerd."

    In the wake of the happy news, numerous Chicago publications have dug up details about Meghan's college years, speaking to her former professor of "Studies in Black Performance," Harvey Young, who had nothing but amazing things to say about her, natch.

    "In my memories of Meghan at Northwestern, she was very clear about the need to think about the experiences of people who are not only biracial but of people of color," Young said. "She was mindful of the need for gender equality and the importance of championing for women’s rights."

    Besides issuing a congratulatory statement welcoming Prince Harry to their extended alumni family, Northwestern also shared the actress's sophomore year sorority photo, taken in 2000.

    Clearly, girl never gained that Freshman Fifteen.

    [Photo via Getty]