Exeter Students Are Well Endowed

by Stanely Stuyvesant · January 28, 2008


    [Photo from NY Times]

    No this is not the title of an adult movie. Its a reality. A reality for kids who go to private secondary schools such as Phillips Exeter in New Hampshire. And its not because they have swollen members, but rather the institutions they attend have gobs of money to throw at these little boys and little girls.

    In the Times' article this weekend titled: "At Elite Prep-Schools, College Sized Endowments" we get a glimpse into this well-endowed world. First, the endowment money that Exeter receives each year is so large that they are allowed to spend $63,506 on per student (and students in families that make less than $75,000 a year go for free). Theirs is one of the largest endowments of any secondary school out there, and at 60% of Harvard's, it is more than most University endowments.

    Second, with all that money comes perks like helping buy a student's wardrobe, trips, and an unprecedented classroom experiences where the teacher/student ratio is never more than 12 to 1. The school is situated on 619 acres of land, has 2 swimming pools, the largest secondary education library in the world, and amenities like the squash courts pictured above. The 1,000 students that are lucky to get into Exeter each year will come out as well formed individuals with nice clothes, a penchant for Nantucket Reds and Vineyard Vines, and no injuries from contact sports, unlike the rest of their American counterparts. We can't help but wonder though what price they will be paying in terms of normalcy...