Daily Style Phile: Bebe Zeva, The New Tavi

by Christina Makoyawo · April 12, 2011

    Media and fashion tastemakers are beginning to stamp her as the new Tavi, but Bebe Zeva is a bit different. Her blog, "Fated to be Hated" is the front-row to her style, life, fashion and thoughts on her life in Las Vegas. She could soon give Tavi some firm competition.Even if she didn't sit front row at F/W Fashion Week in New York next to Anna Wintour, Bebe had been featured in Seventeen and Teen Vogue and has a documentary about her life in Vegas releasing soon.

    The Bio:

    -17 years old.

    -Blogs from Las Vegas, Nevada.

    -Is a senior in high school.

    -Was selected as a blogger panelist at this year's WWD Magic trade show.

    -Her documentary premiered at the Soho House last month.

    How she describes her personal style:

    "A stream of consciousness expressed through apparel. That’s why my theme changes from day to day! When I’m in a mystical mood, I’m more likely to throw on pastel purples and pinks, and when I’m in a grungy, hard-rock mood, I’m more likely to sport a leather jacket and biker boots. I prefer that all my outfits incorporate an element of timelessness so that every generation can appreciate what I’m wearing. Lately, my outfits have mostly been influenced by witchery, cyber goth, and 1990s Americana. I could never limit myself to a one-dimensional perspective; my inspirations are infinite." [WWDMagic]

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    About her documentary:

    The official "BEBE ZEVA" documentary, filmed and produced by lit, art, and performance icons Tao Lin and Megan Boyle, premiered at the Soho House in Manhattan on March 20th. From her blog:

    Working with a minimalist, low-budget aesthetic (Lin shot the film with his Macbook Pro) "Bebe Zeva" charts one night with the young blogger, as she talks with Lin and Boyle about her life while showing them around Las Vegas. The simple, utilitarian storytelling set against the absurd, over-the-top backdrop of Vegas calls to mind the similar tone of Lin’s books, such as "Shoplifting From American Apparel" and "Richard Yates." Lin’s body of work (two novels, a novella, a short story collection and two books of poetry) have earned him a cult following and pegged him as one of the most influential young writers working today. "Bebe Zeva" provides an opportunity to see his literary aesthetic translated into the world of cinema.

    Why we should stay tuned:

    Bebe seems like she would enjoy the advantages of her new-found fame from her blog more than Tavi, who's shyness causes her to stray away from the spotlight. She plans to develop her career in fashion full-time while studying in college. And has hopes for a blogger-designer collaboration. Based on her style, talent and all the buzz surrounding her, she's destined for a big jumpstart to her career.

    With promising words to end each of her blog posts and animated words to fill them, indeed "everything is infinite" for Bebe Zeva.