Daily Style Phile: Londoners Are Just So Damn Trendy!

by SARAH MANDATO · April 17, 2009

    The Cobrasnake hopped to the other side of the pond recently, capturing some pretty cutting edge trend-setting at and around London's Catch Bar. Londoners are always style innovators. I remember seeing lady Brits running around in leggings yeeeeeeeears ago, way before Lindsay Lohan wanted a piece or Blair Waldorf presciently declared, "Leggings are not pants!" At the time I thought, "Is no one noticing that these girls are practically naked?" Feeling like I was on crazy pills, I spouted off to all my friends about how I would NEVER rock the stretchies, at least not outside of the gym (so twice a year). And now here I am, with a wardrobe rainbow of spandex. They are comfy, and I love them. I will kick the fad when someone pries them from my cold, dead hands. Anyway, back to those ahead of the game, Londoners definitely seem to pull off an eclectic, crazy melange of colors, accessories and pieces with a certain je ne sais quoi (enter Kate Moss).

    Take homeboy above...draped flag, vintage military jacket, duck faces shirt and the crowning item: a VHS necklace. Flavor Flav's got nothing on this guy, cause he just, I don't know, pulls it off. I kind of feel like going to my parents' house, pulling the film out of our old copy of "The Chipmunk Adventure" (I was obsessed) and hitting the town. He even has a little 'le tigre' going on - he owns it. Check out these other fashion fiends, and let's see which of their sartorial statements, some hits, some misses, make it to the mean streets of old enyce in 2-3 years...let us know what you think! Either way, it looks like this "Back to the Future" event was one crazy shin dig.

    Inspired by the locks our beloved delivery men wear while biking to our rescue?

    Does this make anyone else think of My Little Pony?

    Sock monkey hats and a whole lotta flair - will it sweep the runways of Milan? More importantly, yes, that is totally a naked woman in the corner. Yowsers.

    This just strikes me as so 'urban culture still life.' I'm loving it. I hope I can buy it at Urban Outfitters next week.

    And finally, since there is a little something for everyone in this gallery, a sequence:

    Hi there.

    (denim onesie?)

    WASTEY (and so, so gross)! Purell, anyone?