Ben Stiller is the actor son of actor Jerry Stiller and husband of actress Christine Taylor. He has been a major star since 2001\'s There\'s Something About Mary and he has had success with Zoolander and the Meet the Parents franchise, and the Royal Tenanbaums. His early acting years included sints at Saturday Night Live, on Broadway, and had his own show on MTV, The Ben Stiller Show. He is friends and co-workers with Jack Black, Vince Vaughn and Steve Carell among other members of the so called \"Frat Pack\" of hollywood actors.

ben stiller in The School of American Ballet: A Fall Affair

Bosideng Pop-up Shop at Rothmans | Wednesday January 22, 2014

ben stiller in Bosideng Pop-up Shop at Rothmans
ben stiller in Ringo Starr Honored with “Lifetime of Peace & Love Award” by The David Lynch Foundation
Howard Stern, Ben Stiller, Beth Ostrosky Stern, Christine Taylor
Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig
ben stiller in Michael Kors 2013 Couture Council Awards

Big Night DC Gallery C | Tuesday January 1, 2013

ben stiller in Big Night DC Gallery C
Sam Rockwell, Ben Stiller
Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn
Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn
Ben Stiller, Chris Rock
Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor

Coachella Day 2 | Sunday April 18, 2010

ben stiller in Coachella Day 2
ben stiller in Carrera Summer Escape @ Ramscale Studios
Ben Stiller, Ric O'Barry, Fisher Stevens
ben stiller in Tulips & Pansies  Headdress the Affair