A Perk Of Arranged Marriage

by Joseph Russell · July 21, 2008

    One of my high school boyfriends had an arranged marriage. We didn't stay together. His faraway bride, and his feelings regarding her, were always a point of unvoiced fascination to me. He didn't really know what she looked like, had never spoken to her, never written her. A daughter of a family friend. He'd meet her on their wedding day. If his nonchalance regarding his future was feigned (he was not, on the whole,  particularly relaxed guy), he never let on, but, long after we were finished, my curiosity remained.

    Tonight's my (and your, if you're so inclined) chance to assuage it, at least somewhat. The Jewish Center of the Hamptons is screening a showing of Arranged, a tale of a friendship born between two women, one an Orthodox Jew, the other Muslim, upon learning that each has an arranged marriage. Rochel (Zoe Lister), and Narisa (Francis Benhamou), are both first year teachers in Brooklyn who both have to acclimate to their new environments while dealing with meddling, overly protective families.

    The plot line often takes a turn for the melodramatic, but the impressive, non-showy acting keeps it grounded, and moving. Catch it at 8 tonight.

    The Jewish Center of the Hamptons is located at 44 Woods Lane, East Hampton

    [Image via Arranged]