"Beach Nutz" With Ben Watts At Bagatelle

by NATASHA STORER · May 25, 2010

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    The start of Summer was announced at MePa's version of beach blanket bingo at Bagatelle, with seminal photog and little bro of Naomi Watts - Ben Watts premiering his new photography collection "Beach Nutz".


    The new collection showcased the Aussie's love of all things Summer, featuring lively, tropical, fashionable photos from the fashion photographer favorite (fastest woman in the world Sanya Richards also declared Ben the "best photographer in the world" after a recent Nike shoot they did together).

    The premiere of the collection held at MePa Bistrot Bagatelle, had guests sipping summery cocktails as they dodged plastic beach balls strewn over the space. Those viewing the collection included a fashion forward crowd of models and an appearance from Tony nominee/brother-in-law Liev Schreiber.