Bright Ideas, Penetrating Gazes, And Chuck Close At AOL's 25th B-Day

by SUSANNAH LONG · May 27, 2010

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    Guests stopped, starred, and toasted the tech revolution at AOL's 25th Anniversary celebration Wednesday night. The media giant pulled out all the stops to present its 2nd Collection

    and launch the Project on Creativity, which features Chuck Close portraits of innovators and visionaries around the world. After the launch bash at the New Museum, the hullabaloo continued with an afterparty featuring John Legend at the Bowery Hotel.

    And lest you think that AOL only cares about passing around the bubbly and questing for interweb monopoly, the company is creating a "25 for 25" program that distributes over a half million dollars in grants to creatives. Now if only our internet ran faster . . .