Pia Dehne Vanishing Act Exhibition Opening

by Ann Chow · November 10, 2011

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    Pia Dehne's newest exhibition, Vanishing Act, had its opening at the Charles Bank Gallery last night. Guests enjoyed various wines and bottled water from Balance while surveying Dehne's latest works.

    Vanishing Act "reflects her interest in exploring common societal urges to hide, suppress, or change one's identity. Simultaneously hyper-realistic and abstract, her canvases create optical illusions that confuse the viewer's distinction between what is real and what is imaginary. Dehne's installation includes "examples of living creatures and man-made modern artifacts known for their camouflaging characteristics." [via]

    Vanishing Act closes December 22, 2011. For more of her works, go HERE.

    [Pia Dehne]

    [Pia Dehne]