Last Will And Testament 2.0

by MADDY MADISON · April 8, 2008


    I've come to rely on the internet for many things. Housing. Food. Roommates. Timewasters. Jobs. Ways to complete my Comp Lit paper without actually cracking a book. Now, my prayers and nightmares have come true: I can now go gently into that good night with the help of a dot com. Two new websites, Post Expression and Just In Case I Die, are betting that, even in the afterlife, we'll yearn for that final piece of connectedness with which to convey our messages of love while flaunting our newfound technology in the face of lesser-wired mortals. With Post Expression, your will is a series of messages that are sent out upon your death. This, of course, translates to a date of your choosing because otherwise there'd be snowballs rolling up from Hades as we realized that some dinky little internet start up discovered a way to predict the term of our natural lives. In contrast, Just In Case I Die, takes itself slightly less seriously. The site was

    "originally envisaged about 7 years ago as an all singing, all dancing delayed messaging service, aimed at utter nut jobs and cautious people alike. We wanted to offer file attachments, check in by email, SMS and even phone. Damn, we were caught up in the dot com boom! Reality check - stuff like that costs money and takes time, so we just sat on the domain swearing to one day getting around to doing it. And this is that day. This is the much stripped down version of our original plan, and we think it's all the better for it - simple, quick and utterly free to use, this is how the web should be!"

    So before you get too down on the notion of being long gone and buried, console yourself with the knowledge that, even six feet under, you can still have the last laugh.