Mapfaced... Show Me My Party Map!

by Rachelle Hruska · June 11, 2008


    The editor of Goodnight Mr. Lewis, Joshua Malin, and his brother David Malin just launched the a new website called Mapfaced. From his experience in the nightlife industry, behind the bar and behind the blog, Joshua saw the need for an online community that allows users to create maps detailing their favorite nights out in NYC from point a to point b to point c.

    Mapfaced allows it's users to map out some of their craziest nights in the city. Those involved can even rate and comment others on their maps, or give feedback and suggestions from their own experiences. Mapfaced even offers schedules along with the maps, (a.k.a. crawls), that the Mapfaced team creates based on their knowledge of venues and events to suggest to it readers.

    Steve Lewis raves:

    "As both my editor, and the one who introduced me to a part of the web I didn't even know existed-the blogosphere-Joshua has the voice and the vision to make Mapfaced truly great."

    Mapfaced has been in private beta since April and during that time thousands of friends, family, and strangers have put the site through its paces. Crawls have been built, comments have been left, bugs have been squashed, and now Mapfaced has opened their doors to the public. Enjoy.

    P.s. You all should do the same, so click HERE!