Closing Reception For Luca Pizzaroni's Krada Show

by Chiara Atik · October 26, 2009

    [All photos by JP PULLOS for PMc]. Last Friday was the closing night reception for Luca Pizzaroni's Krada show at Fred Torres Collaborations. Friends and fans came for one last chance to enjoy the self-proclaimed postmodern flaneur's photgraphs and sculptures. The exhibit itself couldn't have been more New York. Pizzaroni chose photographs from his Landlords, Avenue of the Americas, and Labels series, all of which were snapped in and around the city. Another interesting fact: Pizzaroni is the recepient of a residency at American Apparel. Wonder what that entails...

    Adrianna Holiat, Sean Porter            Drew Aaron, Peter Knell

    DeNae Thomas, Luca Pizzaroni, Julia Fryett

    Heather Flow, Kathy Murphy          Selby Drummon, Paris Ionescu

    Thorsten Weiss, Phoebe Brown, Christopher Romero

    Filicitas Brant, Chris Brant             Elena Potapova, Matthew Hurni

    Hana Soukupova, Christopher Romero, Annabella Asvik

    Lynn Pomeranz, Jack Pomeranz, Rachel Pomeranz