Karl Lagerfeld Securing The Bag: A Funny Fashion Anecdote

by Guest of A Guest · July 2, 2024

    It's not particularly surprising to learn that Karl Lagerfeld was a man who tended to get his way, but the level to which his sense of humor drove him is a most interesting quality of the iconic designer many may not understand.

    An anecdote to enjoy on that front?

    Back in 2014, Karl spotted a paper shopping bag featuring his face ironically printed on it in the pages of WWD. A chuckle and a call to his Chanel Studio Assistant Pascal Brault later, and the bags maker - industry leader Ron Raznick of RTR Bag - was whipping up 25,000 matte laminated bags to send to Paris for Chanel to gift at Fashion Week, European Market and to celebrity friends of the brand.

    Of course, seeing as Monsieur Lagerfeld was bulk ordering bags baring his beyond recognizable silhouette and therefore must have been able to enjoy a laugh at his own expense, RTR Bag's Raznick took a leap of faith when it came to sending the package, plastering the delivery box with stickers that cheekily asked "Karl who?"

    Ever one for a laugh, the designer was a big fan of the work. "He is totally crazy for your shopping bag. He was also very amused by the magic box, it says you have a lot of talent," shared Brault to Raznick. "PS: Karl just started his distribution ... It's Pharrell Williams who was a first!"

    Giving out shopping bags with your face on them to the parade of high profile celebrities that come to visit you? A sort of gift bag to commemorate the privilege?

    Pretty hilarious, no?

    [Photos courtesy RTR Bag]