Granny Panties Save Lives...Can Your Arse Trinkets Do That?

by guestofaguest · January 8, 2008

    granny panties

    [Photo from The Sun]

    “I’m lucky my knickers are like a parachute! If they were skimpy they’d have been no use.” So exclaims Jenny Marsey, the 53 year old english woman who's knickers saved her family's life (and made her famous).   The size 20 granny panties shown above have created quite the buzz after they were use to put out flames from a burning pan.  They prompted Caitlin Moran, writer for The London Times to pen an article on the phenomenon she calls Pantorexia, which is why I'm writing on this anyway.

    In the article, Moran pushes women to let go of their need to wear underwear that doesn't fit properly saying: "These tight, elasticated, supposedly saucy partitions across the mid-derriere are, in terms of both comfort and aesthetics, as cruel as the partition between India and Pakistan."  Hallelujah! Someone is finally making a case for my beloved granny panties that I hold so dear to my heart (though I do not agree with her on her dislike of nude colored undies, those are convenient).  I just don't understand girl's that tell me they love thongs...I don't get it.  There is nothing better that the feeling of worn out cotton that loosely covers everything, that never has to be picked at or shifted.  Why they even offer the current torture devices in stores, let alone how it became the norm is one of the mysteries of mankind that I may never figure out.  I'm supposed to want to wear these?!:


    Um, no thanks.  These are what Moran calls "Arse Trinkets" ha, and yet somehow, everyone is telling me that I'm the silly one over here.  To which I have one thing to respond with back....Suckers!