Hermès And Hiroshi Sugimoto Collaborate To Create Limited Edition Scarves

by Kristin Rachlin · July 12, 2012

    Hiroshi Sugimoto's long running photography project entitled "Couleurs de l'Ombre," or "Colors of Shadow" resulted in a collaboration between himself and Hermès. Sugimoto takes long exposure shots of cinema screens which results in vibrant and colorful photos with light passing through a prism. The vibrantly colored photographs have been transformed into a limited edition scarf collection. 20 of the photographs have been selected by Hermès to be featured on the scarves, which sell for around $8,860. They scarf collection made its debut at Art Basel and has been selling online. Two of the colors have already sold out.

    You can purchase the scarves online HERE, however they will not ship to the United States until September 2012.

    To learn more about Hiroshi Sugimoto and his photography project, click HERE

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