Owning Leona Helmsley's Old Clothes Would Be "Fun"?!

by AMANDA MELILLO · March 10, 2008

    leonaIt's been a while since we heard about Leona Helmsley with the press frenzy following her death. And of course the press had a field day—how many billionaire/hotelier/real estate moguls leave more money to their yappy little dog than to their flesh and blood relatives? Now that's bitchy, and we mean that even without the pun. Plus, she earned herself the "Queen of Mean" nickname while she was serving time for tax evasion. Trust me, it's not often where we come up with something so clever that both a.) shows she rivals royalty in her wealth and reigns over anyone that thinks they're nasty enough to compete with her, and b.) rhymes.

    Now that her clothes are going off to the auction block, the press has to revive her moniker just this last time. I mean, we can't very well follow up on how the DOG is doing, can we? I believe we can safely assume that he hasn't already blown through his inheritance or done a stint in rehab. This is way better than a dog anyway—it's couture. Chicago-based Leslie Hindman Auctioneers will be selling off her Dior and YSL gowns, Ferragamo shoes, and the Chanel suit she wore when she was about to serve time for stiffing the government. The auction house's president, Leslie Hindman, told reporters, "They're really pretty extravagant looking, but they're such great quality that they'd be fun to have."

    Question: Does anyone else find bidding on a very public figure's clothes, well, um, creepy? I mean, it's Leona Helmsley, not Jackie O….

    [The Rich Bitch Is Trouble]