Special Edition Tokyobike Artist Bikes

Special Edition Tokyo Bike Artist Bikes
Tokyo Bike is an independent bike company that has roots in the humble suburb of Yanaka in Tokyo, Japan. The signature design of these bikes are the smaller than average wheels; the slim and compact steel frames; and the light/airy ride. To celebrate it's one year debut in the European market, they opened their first London store and released a few "Special Edition Artist Bikes." A.Four/Lucas Price, Alex Daw, Mike Guppy, Simon Memel, Soju Tanaka, and Tom Pearson all collaborated with Tokyo Bike to create the special edition bikes. Cost: N/A To purchase a Tokyobike, go HERE! For more information, go HERE! See also: [6 Rising Artists Customize New Bikes At Tokyo Bike's London Launch] [Photo via]
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