The Cobrasnake And Facehunter

by MIKEL MCCOY · March 5, 2008


    With the ubiquity of Digital cameras and flickr accounts, (we even succumbed and created one), the current trend in digital web based voyeurism shows no sign of fading. One site that acts a hipster Sartorialist (just without the insightful comments) is The Cobrasnake. Los Angles based photographer Mark 'the Cobrasnake' Hunter is a party photographer, a hipsterrazzi, who take pictures anywhere the party is happening. From club jams, like the weekly party at L.A.'s Cinespace ,to the runways and parties in Paris during fashion week....The Cobrasnake can be found documenting the scene for posterity. The site has also become somewhat of a guide of what to wear and what not to wear. Hunter's photographs often focus on the little things that make this epoch in history so special things like cell phones, and texters texting, sneakers, people wearing glasses, other people taking pictures, cult celebrities in film, music and fashion, and the hottest boys and girls on the scene. Hunter says that he takes the pictures because he likes photography and looks forward to looking back at them twenty years from now. The Cobrasnake's photos can also be seen in magazines like Nylon and Vice.


    Also on the photo blog tip there is facehunter. Like The Cobrasnake, facehunter is all about good looking people looking good in stylish clothes, though the facehunter has a more European feel to it, and you know Euroapen hipsters tend blow American hipsters out of the water, (sorry ya'll , but its kinda true). Ivan 'the facehunter' takes pictures of the stylish from around the world and focuses on what I like to the call the "1845 aesthetic", where his subjects look like they're from the 19th century with a modern twist. Both may become everyday favs of yours just like GofG, though they've got 'nothing on our Porter.