Anna Wintour & Amy Schumer Swapped Lives... THIS Is What Happened

by Liz Martinelli · June 16, 2016

    Amy Schumer is the hilarious and rarely-put-together girl we all can relate to; from her curves to her comedy, she is truly a 21st century heroine. Anna Wintour is Power Betch defined, exuding superiority from years of being the only one whose opinion matters - it's why her sunglasses are so big, they're full of secrets. So what could be better than a video in which the Queen of Comedy and the Queen of Everything swap jobs? Nothing. 

    Vogue's YouTube channel has blessed us with comedy gold in preparation for Schumer taking the July 2016 magazine cover. So, take a moment to yourself and enjoy the hilarity that issues as everyone's favorite #trainwreck attempts to edit The Bible, er Vogue. Plus, haven't you always wanted to know what Nuclear Wintour finds funny?