You’re Ugly, Now Come Model for Us!

by guestofaguest · October 5, 2007

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    Sounds like an oxymoron right? Are you getting sick of hearing about all of the freebies that models are getting handed in this city? I mean they already have youth and beauty, and their apartments paid for, but then you find out that often times they are getting free designer clothes, gym memberships, every night out paid for, and weekends in Monaco.  We certaintly were getting sick of the model culture especially now with Paris fasion week, which is why we smiled when we found out about the company "Ugly Models" today.  Ugly Models was founded in 1969 by two photographers who realized there was a huge gap in the modeling market for what they call "interesting faces".  So, they started the first character modeling agency in the world and now showcase over 900 individuals from 18-100 years old and from the "wee-folk" (4'1) to the "giant" (7'6).  On their website they claim: "We can fulfill any requirement as no job is too big, outrageous, or bizarre."  We are glad that those individuals who really see modeling as a dedicated and legitimate job, and not just a way to get free coke and live on prince st., are getting a chance to practice their craft.  All joking aside, there is just one thing we are geniunely confused about...while there is no denying the supply of unfortunate looking broads and guids, a good percentage of the models here are, well, NOT-ugly.  Several are actually quite beautiful which disturbs us even more.  If people like these have to model for an agency that prides itself on providing "ugly" people, we are a little bit concerned with what the standards of beauty are these days...

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