A Special Hamptons Summer Update...

by Rachelle Hruska · April 9, 2009

    [Photo by Ben Watts]

    Summer is just around the corner, and Mother Nature has been teasing us all month. We hope that means she will be making it up to us this season out east.  We've already spoken to team Cain who confirmed that this year will be better than ever at Surf Lodge in Montauk, and Team Strategic will be roping in the kids at Dune, but what else can you expect this year? 

    Philippe wants to play the Hamptons game and will be taking over The Kobe Club [Philippe Heads East]

    The Blue Parrot is set to reopen!  The tex-mex joint in East Hampton has been closed for the last two years.  Ron Perelman, Jon Bon Jovi, and Larry Gagosian bought up the lease from Lee Bieler, because they just can't stand it being closed for one more season. [Blue Parrot Reopening]

    Our meeting with Plum TV last week confirmed that the Plum TV crew will be back in full force documenting everything from the unraveling of Kelly Killoren Bensimon to the SCOPE Hamptons Art Fair. [Plum TV]

    The real estate market is set to rebound despite falling prices in the city. In the lead? Green houses. [Hamptons Real Estate]

    The Southside Team is rumored to be opening a space out East and Pink Elephant is sure to be on location, providing us with goobers of photos for our "Best $2k" columns.

    Besides all this, the College Humor boys will be back in their house this summer, Devorah Rose is planning an ultra fabulous "Social Life" estate again, and Eater.com will be serving up their big juicy burgers.

    What else is going on this summer? Let me know where you will be, what I'm missing, and what you would like us to cover more of this year on our sister hamptons site.