Bloom On The Beach

by LAUREN BELSKI · June 23, 2008

    If you're like most people who summer in the Hamptons, you spend your days eating delicious BBQ and your nights drinking delicious cocktails. Although you would like to believe it, dancing on tabletops is not adequate exercise to burn off all those extra calories. Luckily Erika Bloom Pilates Plus has got you covered. Beginning this Saturday, Erika will be holding pilates mat sessions on the beach from 11 to 12. Atlantic Avenue Beach in Amagansett may be a little far for most, but at $27 per class, or $125 for five classes, it's worth it. So go ahead and have that cheeseburger with bacon, and then make sure you hit the beach in the morning. For more info call 212-288-3410.

    [Image via Inward Bound]