Your Perfect Amagansett Day!

by Anna Lombardi · July 15, 2011

    Even with the heavy flow of weekenders, and cheeseballs invading the Hamptons, Amagansett might be the only spot left that is not completely taken over. That is the charm of Amagansett, no bottle service, no hotel restaurants/lounges and, with the exception of the late night line at Talkhouse, you don't feel overwhelmed. If you are looking to get lost in true hamptons allure, spend the perfect day in Amagansett.

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    Start your day off with an amazing spin class at B East. This spot is Amagansett homeowner/ my future husband, Alex Baldwins favorite work out studio.

    Alec Baldwin (@AlecBaldwin) tweeted:

    B-East Studio in Amagansett for spin and TRX training. Ask for Romaine. Romaine....that's French for man-up.

    After you got your burn on run next door to Mary's Marvelous, and sink your teeth into some breakfast. Since you just worked out, I will assume you are going to stay away from the delicious pastry goods, but it doesnt mean that you are going to mix out on taste. There is a great selection of healthy breakfast items, incuding yummy frittatas with fresh veggies, steel-cut oatmeal and yogurt parfaits. Mmm...

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    Mary's doesn't make a bad cup of coffee, but Jack's has stolen my heart. Before you post up on a beach to savor your meal walk across the street and grab yourself a cup of joe from Jack's.

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    Don't waste the day! But, before you head over to the beach stop off at the farmer's market and snag some snacks to keep you satisfied while you catch some sun.

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    Make a quick switch out of your workout gear and hit the beach. Atlantic Avenue Beach has non-resident parking, so you might want to post up there for the day. But, when you stomach does its late afternoon rumble, make sure you take a walk over the neighboring Indian Wells beach and visit Amagansett staple, Kenny at his Beach Dog stand for one of his hot dogs.

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    By this time the sun is starting to get low in the sky, and you are probably looking for a beverage to give you the kick of energy to shower off and head to dinner. Throw on your cover up and cruise a little further down 27 to grab a drink at Cyril's. Shoes, no shoes, cover up, shorts, beach hair, no problem - anything goes.

    If you are looking to keep the relaxed vibe going, head over to La Fondita for a bite of authentic Mexican. If you are a hot sauce lover be sure to try out their house-made sauces!

    If you have enough energy to roll yourself out for a drink, stop into the Tavern and then pop in next door to Stephen Talkhouse for some good music and booze. The line might get massive, but you never know who will be popping up. Also, the crowd (no matter how busy) is guaranteed to be less obnoxious than anywhere else on a Saturday night in the Hamptons.