Exile-d On A Saturday Night (And We Didn't Even Mind)

by BRITTA LOFGREN · June 14, 2010

    From the folks who bring us other Amagansett heavy-hitters The Meeting House and The Reform Club, Tim Bando's newest family member Exile had us pleasantly surprised, both in regards to our stomachs and our wallets.

    Though we were always fans of the restaurant formerly known as Mezzaluna, the new small-plates restaurant that took over the Main Street space in Amagansett left us wondering if we'd ever want to eat anywhere else on the East End.

    With a limited number of tables, the space has an air of exclusivity; however, given the where-everyone-knows-your-name feel at most Amagansett bars and restaurants, we undoubtedly ran into the usual suspects.  We sat at the large table in the back - highly recommended- keeps you out of sight (and earshot) from aforementioned usual suspects.

    The menu is fairly extensive, with a variety of Mediterranean-inspired small plates ranging from $10-$16, as well as pizza and pasta options.  We pretty much ordered one of everything, and while everything was delicious, we would highly recommend the Duck Confit, Lamb Meatballs, Goat Cheese Spread, and Margherita Pizza.

    So good we actually think we'd call it our best Hamptons meal thus far.

    Guest of a Guest Suggests:

    Designate one person at the table to be in charge of ordering..it just makes life easier.

    Talk to your waiter! The staff is very knowledgeable.

    Definitely look at the wine list, they have a handful of affordable yet tasty options.

    Order at least one more Duck Confit than you expect to eat.  It's that good.