Roadside Drinking Guide: Cyril's Fish House

by BRITTA LOFGREN · June 21, 2010

    A welcomed pit stop along that loooong are-we-there-yet stretch of Route 27 between Montauk and Amagansett, Cryil's Fish House gives beachgoers a perfect respite in the most unlikely of packages.

    No frills or fuss, the place really is just a couple of bars on the side of the road.  But at 6 o'clock on a sunny Saturday evening, it's the best place to unwind after a long day at the beach.  The infamous Bailey's Banana Colada (or BBC, as the regulars call it) is constantly blending in one of the ten blenders behind the bar.  Like a mixture of Pina Colada and protein shake, the BBC is delicious but deadly - we'd suggest capping off your BBC intake at two.  Instead try the Kiss Kiss or Cyril's Leprechaun, other "popular" (it's a relative term...the BBC obviously takes the cake by a long run) drinks ordered by fellow patrons.

    Adding to the charm (or perhaps grit) of this place are the straight-up badass (and we don't use that term lightly) female bartenders serving up BBCs by the blenderful.  Not only do they juggle an often less-than-patient crowd, four deep, screaming directionless drink orders at them, but they do so while simultaneously peeling bananas, taking money, mixing drinks, and smoking cigarettes.  You know, to take the edge off.

    [The crowd at Cyril's this Saturday]

    Cyril himself can often be found enjoying himself at his namesake establishment, at a table surrounded by friends, calling over pretty young patrons to make sure they're having a good time (or, in my case, to make sure they're of age.  Which, for the record, I am.  Thanks.)  The rest of the crowd is a sunny mix of sharehouse crews hailing from Montauk to East Hampton, sporting every look under the sun - swim trunks and t-shirts to sundresses and espadrilles. A guaranteed good time no matter what your mood or attire, Cyril's is simply a great place to get your roadside drink on.

    Suggestions for the Cyril's Saturday:

    Take turns sending a rep up to get drinks - there's already enough of a crowd at the bar, you need not add yours to it.

    Bring cash!  This place is still plastic-free.

    Don't forget about the back bar.  The bar line is more logical and the crowd is less rowdy.

    Relax and have fun, but remember that loooong stretch of 27 you traveled just to get here?  Well it's the same thing back home, so please be sure to have a designated driver.